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Francine Peters ([personal profile] thatsamilkshake) wrote in [community profile] fh_im2011-11-26 07:00 pm

Third Rock Comics, Ickibar Space Station, Saturday Afternoon Fandom Time

@f-cupcake: One stop away from Fandom. So is K. Luggage? NOTSOMUCH. #portalocityfail
@f-cupcake: Had to borrow clothes from @portalocity office. Only had leather stuff. TOO SMALL. #portalocityfail
@f-cupcake: Went to comic shop for W:tWS reboot and now people (I ...think. Some are aliens.) all think we're cosplaying as Bitterwoman and Bittergirl
@f-cupcake: Keep asking for autographs and trying to grab my...costume.
@f-cupcake: OH WTF K STUCK MOUSETRAP ON MY BUTT. #chewieisaweirdo
@f-cupcake: .....CAUGHT 4 HANDS SO FAR. 3 FROM SAME GUY. #portalocityfail #portalocityfail #portalocityfail


@f-cupcake: PS anybody heard from @magicmanservant and A? Can't get texts thru but dunno if it's #realityfail or just Camelot.

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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake we are stuck somewhere called White Castle!!!

magicmanservant: @f_cupcake Arthur is not pleassed
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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake we can stop eating themnow!

God help everyone.

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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake where are you??

No, he didn't read comics. Or know much about them. Or... what.
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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake do they have a shop withlittle chocolate mice??

...what? They were the best part of the mall.

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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake WHAT WAS IT?

Why would you ask that, Merlin? Seriously.

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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake DONT EAT ANYTHING ANYMORE.

Said the one who was still giving White Castle burgers sad looks.

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magicmanservant: @f_cupcake Ill save you chicken burgers instead!

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JainaSolo_: @f-cupcake I will say this for my trip: at least I didnt get groped. #portalocityfail
solo_sword: (buh?)

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JainaSolo_: @f-cupcake Thank you, I think.
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TahiriVeila: @JainaSolo_ What @f-cupcake said.

. . . what?
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@JainaSolo_: @TahiriVeila Always good for a self-esteem boost.
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TahiriVeila: @JainaSolo_ I do what I can from here.