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The Internet, By Ways Of Arthur's Blackberry, In Tokyo, Japan

Until recently, Arthur had not been interested in a... twitter account. That was the realm in which Merlin and his damned otter pictures dwelled. It was no place for Arthur Pendragon, Crown Prince of Camelot.

But having been stuck in transit for at least three days now - at least, that's what it felt like - he was dearly in need of a way to... express himself that did not involve yelling at Merlin, the idiot.

@princearthurpen You would think that given enough coin, the IDIOTS at Portalocity would be capable of connecting one place to the other. Even Merlin does no
@princearthurpen t have such difficulty doing magic!
@princearthurpen My God, this character limit nonsense is worse than text messages!
@princearthurpen Is everyone this bloody incompetent? I need more than one hundred and forty 'characters' to fully encapsulate the level of idiocy at work he
@princearthurpen re!
@princearthurpen I'm certain some evil wizard is responsible for the 'burgers' at White Castle. Which does not even remotely resemble a castle. You people.
@princearthurpen And has anyone heard from Mat? You'd think the damned fool would know to get back to Fandom instead of waiting around to get wiped off the f
@princearthurpen ... there is a vending machine with USED UNDERWEAR sitting opposite me. WHY?!?

It would pobably be best for everyone if Arthur's twitter account 'accidentally' got deleted.

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Kate hadn't been paying attention to Twitter for the past week or so, so she'd missed most of the Portalocity parade of fuck-ups. It was probably for the best, but made for some confusion now.

illegalpants: @princearthurpen ... why are you in japan?

And what did it say about her that she got that from 'a vending machine with USED UNDERWEAR'?
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illegalpants: @princearthurpen i've seen weirder on the internet.
vanillajello: (Flaws in your logic.)

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illegalpants: @princearthurpen uhhh riiiiiight. it's not, but you're medieval so i'll let that slide.

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Dojima was having an absolute SHITTY day/week/month, whatever you wanted to call it, given all the disappearances. And now places were starting to go, too.

At least Twitter felt almost normal.

dojima_hime: @princearthurpen're in Japan, Arthur-kun. If it's my Japan, Romeo or I can pick you up.

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Yeah, Dojima figured it was sarcasm.

dojima_hime: @princearthurpen Is it bad I don't know what Earth I am? My itinerary usually just states 'Home Dimension.'

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dojima_hime: @princearthurpen You are asking for LOGIC from GNOMES. #portalocityfail
Edited 2011-11-27 15:31 (UTC)

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fullofro: @dojima_hime @princearthurpen Hers is 77435. One digit off, I fear. You might see if they have versions of us anyhow.
fullofro: @dojima_hime @princearthurpen Also, I want in when you hurt the gnome.
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fullofro: @princearthurpen As soon as we get out of here. First Verona for my cousin, then Fandom, then many drinks.
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JainaSolo_: @princearthurpen Your rants are better than mine were. Be proud.
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JainaSolo_: Yes. Through rants.
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JainaSolo_: @princearthurpen Do you mean sushi, or is raw fish just falling from the sky?

She did not put it past Portalocity to send somewhere where raw fish did, in fact, fall from the sky.

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@f-cupcake: @princearthurpen Hi hi hi! So glad you're safe! *more hugs*

...Sorry, Arthur.

@f-cupcake: @princearthurpen .........underwear?

...Sorry, Arthur.

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@f-cupcake: @princearthurpen Of course! Who else would hug you on the internet?

Well, Merlin. But Francine wasn't going to say that on the internet. She did have her own weird sense of decorum.

@f-cupcake: @princearthurpen WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BUY THAT?
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@f-cupcake: @princearthurpen OK... @heromaniacz WHY IS ARTHUR LOOKING AT A VENDING MACHINE FULL OF USED UNDERWEAR?

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