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The Fandom Interwebs, Thursday Morning

atruephilosopher: Hey, I know a lot of us have been crawling around the library lately, but we don't have a digital archive for our findings so far.
atruephilosopher: So I thought I'd set up a blog anyone can comment to.
atruephilosopher: It's at FHResearch.blogtheworld.net. I'll set up a mirror in case our servers get eaten.



Gathering our clues

This blog is meant as an archive of all the research we've done about the current crisis so far. If you've spent time in the library, or if you've gathered information by other means, please comment to this post. If any of the information provided here brings anything else to mind that might be useful, also please post this.

Do: Mention book title and category in the library.
Describe your information as thoroughly as possible.
Mention any other potential leads other researchers can follow.
Establish whether you're using a magic or a technological resource.
Ping to each other's results with any insight you might have.
Don't: Troll this blog.
Interfere in threads without adding anything to the discussion.
Start flame wars.



Conjuring and Vanishing / Book; found in the magic section / Chapter six holds a short description of a ritual used to remove objects from existence. / We think this spell might have been used in conjunction with amnesia spells to achieve the kind of effect we're seeing here. However, the spell would have had to be made much more powerful. / This spell requires a single caster, an eye of newt, three pitchers of pig's blood and a ritual that involves calling upon a trickster goddess of some sort. This can remove one item from existence. Provided that's enough pig's blood.

[[ feel free to tweet back, or respond to the post, and also feel free to make things messy. make up what you wish! as long as it doesn't mention the Nothing specifically, it's cool. ]]
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brinkofgenius: @atruephilosopher I'M BORED. #researchislame #canigetbacktoskyrim?

Topher. Honestly.

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S.A.R.A.H: Now, now Topher. We all need to pitch in to help. Besides what will happen if the world keeps disappearing and you're cut off from your gaming servers?
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brinkofgenius: @S.A.R.A.H i won't let it happen.
Edited 2011-12-01 18:38 (UTC)

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S.A.R.A.H: @brinkofgenius You have ways of keeping servers outside of Fandom from disappearing? Please share.
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brinkofgenius: @atruephilosopher Fine, boss.

Topher, don't feed the megalomaniac.

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It had taken a while for Scully to get the hang of Twitter, but she was grateful for it now.

proskeptic: So far, nothing in the physics section of the Fandom Library, has yielded any previous phenomena that matches the current occurrences.
proskeptic: Spontaneous disappearance of stars and other localized disappearances have been recorded,
proskeptic but all have left some detectable evidence behind, if not actual matter.
proskeptic: Will keep looking.

Scully *hated* the 140 character limit.