([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] fh_im2011-12-21 01:26 pm

Wednesday Afternoon

@PortalocityPal: It's come to Portalocity's attention that there is some kind of new issue with the multiverse. We hasten to assure you this is NOT OUR FAULT

@PortalocityPal: We are not certain the cause yet, but we understand that this new EXTERNAL PROBLEM is affecting Portalocity's functionality and usability.

@PortalocityPal: We appreciate your patience while our tech support team attempts to 'unbork this shitstorm.' I can only assume that is the technical term.

@PortalocityPal: As a thank you, we are reoffering our 'gnome & bunny' V-gift, due to its overwhelming popularity with users during the previous crisis.

@PortalocityPal: Which we would like to point out, was also not our fault. #JustSaying #PortalocityCares #IAmSoSorry

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