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Jaina Solo Fel ([personal profile] solo_sword) wrote in [community profile] fh_im2012-11-24 12:36 pm

Saturday, November 24- Live from the North Pole

Jaina had decided to spend a few days back home while the island was quiet for the holiday, since it felt sort of weird not to go up and back between two places all the time. It was a good visit, too, not as awkward-feeling as it had been before with everyone checking up on her, so she had no complaints.

Until she was trying to come back, anyhow. Apparently thanks to airline strikes a lot of people had booked portals instead at the last minute on an already super busy weekend, which meant she'd been bumped from her first portal and forced to take another one that had ended her up in an Old West ghost town before getting here. Where she was going to have to wait for at least another hour, and the worst part was there was no ticket counter here for her to threaten somebody.

@JainaSolo_: At North Pole. Fewer elves than expected.
@JainaSolo_: ...Are gnomes and elves related? Asking for a potentially threateny friend.

[It's been like a year, I had to. Tweet back!]

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