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Wednesday night

With just a few more weeks to go, someone was just about done with the whole pregnancy thing and looking to the Twitterverse for entertainment.

@blondeinvegas Just a few more weeks #notgoingtomakeit
@blondeinvegas The whole glow thing is a lie! #Idontwaddledammit
@blondeinvegas We have run out of Tabasco #thisisacrisis
@blondeinvegas Help! I think I've become a stereotype #feedmeicecream

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas Did I miss something? Why would you be glowing and waddling?
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas In my defense, I've been on and off the planet for training flights over the last few months.

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and Wyatt.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas Space is confusing. They tell me it's perfectly safe, but I suspect that warp drive is messing with my brain.

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas Never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss the invasions.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas I love living in San Francisco when I'm not off-planet. Haven't seen any demons, just a Denobulan.

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas Yeah, I don't miss things like zombies or bitey critters.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas The really cool part of my job is monitoring frequencies from other planets. Alien languages are awesome.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas I'm getting pretty fluent in Vulcan.

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas I should visit Vegas one day, maybe when I get my next shore leave.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas And the curses are the first thing I like to learn. They're always useful. :)

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas How crazy is it that we're in the same city but at different times and probably different dimensions?
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas Or at least we're in the same city when I'm on the planet. I'm somewhere in orbit around Jupiter now.

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas That could really be cool. Or if we have the same Chinese take-out. I found one that has awesome egg drop soup.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas It's more pink than red today, but no less awesome. I'll take a pic on the next orbital pass.

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@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas It's Madame Wong's, if you can find it. I practically lived there after my probation ended.
@star_linguist: @blondeinvegas I'll see what I can do. They aren't exactly letting me drive the ship outside of simulations.
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@havetoolswilltravel: @blondeinvegas I can feed you Twinkies, but you gotta come here to get 'em.
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@havetoolswilltravel: @blondeinvegas Need demon help? We ran out of evil aliens to fight.