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PerkyGoth: #FandomWeird Avoiding you forever, Lady D
PerkyGoth: #FandomWeird Sorry about the fire, Mr. Bartamian
PerkyGoth: #FandomWeird Still better than #DashCon!
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth What the kriff is DashCon?
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth ...As in, a pit with balls in it?
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Well I know *I* always want an extra hour in a wading pool full of balls as compensation.
JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Sounds like a future detention scenario.
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Don't jinx it!
JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Or do. I'm not there for it to be my problem.
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth DARN. What happened?
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Not sorry I missed it, I'd probably have gotten married again. And probably shot.
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth You weren't actually Bruce's widow?
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JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Oh, Fandom, never change.
JainaSolo_: @PerkyGoth Actually no, DEFINITELY CHANGE.