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Dinah was chatting with Jen, Priestly's friend out in Santa Cruz, and describing the plays. She'd sent a note to Momoko to check in on IM when she had a second.

crimeseen: So, yeah, we're hoping there's no disasters this time, since people got hurt during the summer play, and everyone lost their minds in December...

[waiting on a partner in crime, but open to anyone!]
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Since Valentine was doing a bunch of random things on her computer in her room between bites of cereal, it would only make sense for one of those things to be lurking around in one of the island's IM chatrooms. She wasn't exactly sure if anyone would even be around, on their computers, like her in the morning, but it wasn't as if she wasn't already there.

*nottheholiday has logged into chat.

[[ shhhh, it's my only day off this week ]]
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When Dinah had mentioned to Valentine an IM program utilizing the computer, of course she had planned to check it out. Now that her workshops were finished, she settled in her room around her laptop, looking into it, setting herself up not with just one account, but two mocking her mun who still doesn't know how to do that, one to be clearly her, the other...

...well, she'd gotten used to anonymity on the Nets. She wanted to have fun with it again.

*nottheholiday has logged into chat.

*demosthenes has logged into chat.

nottheholiday: VICTORY IS MINE.

[[ open of course! ]]
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Since she was already on her computer, talking with her dad about Superbowl bets before the big event, Turtle decided it wouldn't hurt to just pop into the chat and see if anything was going on.

Not that she expected much, considering it was a Sunday morning, but you never knew.

*stocksgrrl has logged into chat.

stocksgrrl: hellllooooooooo. good moooooooorning!

[[ hey, i had the set-up, why not? ]]
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Claudia had a laptop (that weighed 8 pounds. Janine had gotten it for her. It was top of the line...for 1991) and had managed to somehow connect to the school's internet connection.

She'd downloaded AOL (all the cool kids were on AOL, right?) and after 18 hours she had a shiny new application called "instant messaging."

After choosing a username ("fuknykishi"), she logged into the chat listed in the handbook (she'd been checking to see if she needed to wear a uniform):

*fuknykishi has logged into chat.

fuknykishi: HI ITS CLUADIA ANY1 HEAR?!1

[OOC: *blows dust off of comm.* Half of the fun of Claudia is her spelling skillz. Open to all!]
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versaceforever has just entered the chatroom

versaceforever: ....*checks time*
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versaceforever : .... yeah, night, Casimir. Talk to you tomorrow.

Nyetczar has just signed off.
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versaceforever has just signed in.

versaceforever: La la laaaa.... *waits*
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* Tomcat494 has logged into chat.
* HairEnvy has logged into chat.
* TactGirl has logged into chat.
* Zacharina has logged into chat.
* emoredhead has logged into chat.
* stickbugsuperhero has logged into chat.

And the rest is cut )

[And it's too big for one post, so the second shall follow shortly]
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* Tomcat494 has logged into chat.
* Zacharina has logged into chat
* Reads4Coffee has logged into chat

And the rest is cut! )

[Preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] x5_alec, [livejournal.com profile] twohalvesofaphd, and [livejournal.com profile] bruiser_in_pink.]



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