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All Emma had wanted was to catch a portal to Fandom and make other people feed her for the weekend so that she wouldn't have to live off ramen and Easy Mac. Not that hard!

Eight transfers and three days later, she was somewhere in Mexico with no local currency and two more hours until her next transfer, which should theoretically take her to Fandom. Luckily, the nice (and hot) guitar player was buying her drinks - which was going a long way towards keeping her from freaking out horribly - but Emma was willing to bet her next three tequila shots that it wasn't going to happen that way.

@FrostyLady: Stuck in bumblefuck Mexico, which is somehow still better than my last layover. Is it still Thanksgiving anywhere? #portalocityfail

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Since she was already on her computer, talking with her dad about Superbowl bets before the big event, Turtle decided it wouldn't hurt to just pop into the chat and see if anything was going on.

Not that she expected much, considering it was a Sunday morning, but you never knew.

*stocksgrrl has logged into chat.

stocksgrrl: hellllooooooooo. good moooooooorning!

[[ hey, i had the set-up, why not? ]]
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Claudia had a laptop (that weighed 8 pounds. Janine had gotten it for her. It was top of the line...for 1991) and had managed to somehow connect to the school's internet connection.

She'd downloaded AOL (all the cool kids were on AOL, right?) and after 18 hours she had a shiny new application called "instant messaging."

After choosing a username ("fuknykishi"), she logged into the chat listed in the handbook (she'd been checking to see if she needed to wear a uniform):

*fuknykishi has logged into chat.

fuknykishi: HI ITS CLUADIA ANY1 HEAR?!1

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