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The good thing was that when she finally left her own galaxy, Jaina was running on normal time again. ...Wait, was that a good thing when you were catching connection after connection after connection... after connection after connection all day?

She was not one for social media at all, but she'd heard one of the other grumpy portalers saying he was going to Tweet this, so grumpy and bored herself, Jaina opened the Twitter app on her phone (she so loved this thing), and started an account.

@JainaSolo_: Connection #1: Stuck in Mongolia, dont know when. There are people here madder than me, which takes talent. One guy was stuck at an Arbys for 3 days.
@JainaSolo_: I think 3 days was a little much for Arbys guy. Hes got a twitch.
@JainaSolo_: Also why was my name taken on this thing? Its MY NAME.

[Come play. She will totally be livetweeting this all day.]
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And the rest is cut )

[And it's too big for one post, so the second shall follow shortly]
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[Preplayed with [ profile] x5_alec, [ profile] twohalvesofaphd, and [ profile] bruiser_in_pink.]



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