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From the Twitter Stream of Miss Emma Frost, All Day Monday

Look, Emma had ALL DAY before she had to teach. And when a girl got up already looking this good, well, selfies should always be posted to social media.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond (@FrostyLady): I woke up like this #SummerFun #FandomHotness #GoodtobeQueen

[OOC: Open post, inspired by JStam's own Twitter account today.]
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Jono Starsmore (@StarsLess): Few steps up from how I woke up this morning. Snakes can't take selfies, or I'd share.
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@StarsLess: @FrostyLady Maybe next time I'll figure something out, then. Can't imagine the internet needs me taking selfies anyway.
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@StarsLess: @FrostyLady ... They come with filters?
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@StarsLess: @FrostyLady Now, now. I'm far less obnoxious than a troll. And I never post photos online. How was I to know?
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@StarsLess: @FrostyLady I pay attention to the contemporary culture that interests me. Music. Horror films. Video games. More music...