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To: all students, Sparkle
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its adas bday soon so its party time!!

thursday night at warehouse in picture. pack it up, get your asses out there n wear something shiny

-- dante

[[ handwavy verbal invitations also given across the board ]]
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Posted by: Dr Hannibal Lecter
Subject:     Seeking Assistance

In discussing our upcoming wedding, my partner and I have discovered one aspect in which we are regrettably lacking - an officiant. While we could naturally hire one from the mainland, given the nature of many of those attending, we feel someone more used to the island would be a better fit.

If there are any reading this who are capable of leading the ceremony and willing to do so, please let us know, either here or by e-mail or phone.
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"Hello, internet land!" Eric said cheerfully, waving at the camera. "This is my very first time doing this whole 'vlog' thing so I hope y'all will be kind. My name's Eric Bittle and I'm coming to you from this absolutely adorable little island off the coast of Maryland. I've been here the past few months attending their summer camp, and decided to stick around for the actual school year. You might be saying to yourself now: Well, good for you, Bittle, but what's the point of vlogging about it? And the answer is just that I thought it'd be fun! Honestly, this place is so delightfully strange, I don't know if you'll believe half the things I have to say, but," he shrugged. "And also! Baking! I'm gonna share some of my favourite recipes with y'all- and today it's some absolutely delicious fudgey brownies, mostly because I'm hoping the smell of chocolate will catch the attention of some of my fellow students here in the dorms. The recipe is down there in the description if you'd like to try them out yourself, but let's get started..."

As he went about mixing the ingredients for the brownies, he chatted about the Welcome Picnic, and meeting Eggsy, April... and of course, Pinkie Pie. There may have been something dangerously close to heart-eyes as he talked about Pinkie.

The brownies had been in the oven for a few minutes when something out of range of the camera caught his attention. "Aha!" he grinned triumphantly. "My plan was successful! Okay, well, see you later, lovely cyber-people! If you gave the brownie recipe a try, leave a comment and let me know how it turned out? Oh, and also! I'm taking suggestions for a name for this little vlog! Bye for now!"

[ooc: public vlog is public, and thus open for discovery/commenting by anyone who would care to stumble across it.]
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Look, Emma had ALL DAY before she had to teach. And when a girl got up already looking this good, well, selfies should always be posted to social media.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond (@FrostyLady): I woke up like this #SummerFun #FandomHotness #GoodtobeQueen

[OOC: Open post, inspired by JStam's own Twitter account today.]
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It was a Tuesday for Emma, although since her timeline was still moving slightly faster than Fandom, it was October for her instead of July. Which meant she was in class, and she was bored because yes, she already knew about the ramifications of different types of mergers. Unlike some people in her class, she studied. And read the teacher's mind, but details.

So she was going to play on Twitter under her desk. Like a mature adult.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond (@FrostyLady): Starting to wonder if @kisskiss has been importing foods into my Territory without telling me #FH #NYCbitches #stepoffgirlfriend

[OOC: Open post, amuse me while I job search?]
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PerkyGoth: #FandomWeird Avoiding you forever, Lady D
PerkyGoth: #FandomWeird Sorry about the fire, Mr. Bartamian
PerkyGoth: #FandomWeird Still better than #DashCon!
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With just a few more weeks to go, someone was just about done with the whole pregnancy thing and looking to the Twitterverse for entertainment.

@blondeinvegas Just a few more weeks #notgoingtomakeit
@blondeinvegas The whole glow thing is a lie! #Idontwaddledammit
@blondeinvegas We have run out of Tabasco #thisisacrisis
@blondeinvegas Help! I think I've become a stereotype #feedmeicecream
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@boocontinuity: Omg you guys I think I have superpowers.
@boocontinuity: I AM NEVER LEAVING THIS TOWN. How much does rent go for, anyone know?

So there was that.

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@theslashfairy: THE CASTLE #gremlinsonset

@theslashfairy: THE STAIRS OH MY GOD I'M SO WINDED #gremlinsonset

@theslashfairy: it's hot. who thinks i'll see shirtless? #gremlinsonset

@theslashfairy: i wonder if ben and ender will kiss in front of me!!!!

So. That was happening.

[[Open for fans and real characters alike!]]
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Priestly (@whotfisboaz): Livetweeting ghost hunt. Good idea or best idea?
Priestly (@whotfisboaz): Would warn Dean but not sure he knows what tweeting is

That's right, Dean was taking Priestly on a ghost hunt. )
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Jaina had decided to spend a few days back home while the island was quiet for the holiday, since it felt sort of weird not to go up and back between two places all the time. It was a good visit, too, not as awkward-feeling as it had been before with everyone checking up on her, so she had no complaints.

Until she was trying to come back, anyhow. Apparently thanks to airline strikes a lot of people had booked portals instead at the last minute on an already super busy weekend, which meant she'd been bumped from her first portal and forced to take another one that had ended her up in an Old West ghost town before getting here. Where she was going to have to wait for at least another hour, and the worst part was there was no ticket counter here for her to threaten somebody.

@JainaSolo_: At North Pole. Fewer elves than expected.
@JainaSolo_: ...Are gnomes and elves related? Asking for a potentially threateny friend.

[It's been like a year, I had to. Tweet back!]
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havetoolswilltravel: NooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOooooooooooOOOOOooooOOOOoooooOOOOOooooooOOOOOooooOOOOOooO




Meanwhile, in another tab:

Press the button below to finalize your payment of $2.00 USD to


[OOC: Because. And open for your free-for-all random tweeting pleasure.]
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Somewhere in Fandom there was a very large inebriated green man with a cell phone. And he had something to say.



[Yes. Bruce is @DRUNKHULK all this weekend. SP until later tonight otherwise carry on AU weekend.]
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@PortalocityPal: It's come to Portalocity's attention that there is some kind of new issue with the multiverse. We hasten to assure you this is NOT OUR FAULT

@PortalocityPal: We are not certain the cause yet, but we understand that this new EXTERNAL PROBLEM is affecting Portalocity's functionality and usability.

@PortalocityPal: We appreciate your patience while our tech support team attempts to 'unbork this shitstorm.' I can only assume that is the technical term.

@PortalocityPal: As a thank you, we are reoffering our 'gnome & bunny' V-gift, due to its overwhelming popularity with users during the previous crisis.

@PortalocityPal: Which we would like to point out, was also not our fault. #JustSaying #PortalocityCares #IAmSoSorry
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Portalocity: Good luck and godspeed, everyone. It's been a pleasure.
Portalocity: We will see you in Valhalla!
Portalocity: Til herligheten!

And then it fell silent. For good.

[ though this is open for responses if you got any. ]
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atruephilosopher: Hey, I know a lot of us have been crawling around the library lately, but we don't have a digital archive for our findings so far.
atruephilosopher: So I thought I'd set up a blog anyone can comment to.
atruephilosopher: It's at I'll set up a mirror in case our servers get eaten.


Gathering our clues

This blog is meant as an archive of all the research we've done about the current crisis so far. If you've spent time in the library, or if you've gathered information by other means, please comment to this post. If any of the information provided here brings anything else to mind that might be useful, also please post this.

Do: Mention book title and category in the library.
Describe your information as thoroughly as possible.
Mention any other potential leads other researchers can follow.
Establish whether you're using a magic or a technological resource.
Ping to each other's results with any insight you might have.
Don't: Troll this blog.
Interfere in threads without adding anything to the discussion.
Start flame wars.



Conjuring and Vanishing / Book; found in the magic section / Chapter six holds a short description of a ritual used to remove objects from existence. / We think this spell might have been used in conjunction with amnesia spells to achieve the kind of effect we're seeing here. However, the spell would have had to be made much more powerful. / This spell requires a single caster, an eye of newt, three pitchers of pig's blood and a ritual that involves calling upon a trickster goddess of some sort. This can remove one item from existence. Provided that's enough pig's blood.

[[ feel free to tweet back, or respond to the post, and also feel free to make things messy. make up what you wish! as long as it doesn't mention the Nothing specifically, it's cool. ]]
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Poor public relations had thought she was logged out of her work Twitter account before she posted:


She hadn't been.

[OOC: For your tweeting needs!]
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sig_and_stilettos:: I am going to shoot someone, probably a bunny-***ping gnome
Sig_and_stilettos: If I don't get a straight answer soon
Sig_and_stilettos: 20 hours in transit no clue where next stop is why is that robot staring at me? #portalocityfail
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Until recently, Arthur had not been interested in a... twitter account. That was the realm in which Merlin and his damned otter pictures dwelled. It was no place for Arthur Pendragon, Crown Prince of Camelot.

But having been stuck in transit for at least three days now - at least, that's what it felt like - he was dearly in need of a way to... express himself that did not involve yelling at Merlin, the idiot.

@princearthurpen You would think that given enough coin, the IDIOTS at Portalocity would be capable of connecting one place to the other. Even Merlin does no
@princearthurpen t have such difficulty doing magic!
@princearthurpen My God, this character limit nonsense is worse than text messages!
@princearthurpen Is everyone this bloody incompetent? I need more than one hundred and forty 'characters' to fully encapsulate the level of idiocy at work he
@princearthurpen re!
@princearthurpen I'm certain some evil wizard is responsible for the 'burgers' at White Castle. Which does not even remotely resemble a castle. You people.
@princearthurpen And has anyone heard from Mat? You'd think the damned fool would know to get back to Fandom instead of waiting around to get wiped off the f
@princearthurpen ... there is a vending machine with USED UNDERWEAR sitting opposite me. WHY?!?

It would pobably be best for everyone if Arthur's twitter account 'accidentally' got deleted.

[[ open! ]]
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@f-cupcake: One stop away from Fandom. So is K. Luggage? NOTSOMUCH. #portalocityfail
@f-cupcake: Had to borrow clothes from @portalocity office. Only had leather stuff. TOO SMALL. #portalocityfail
@f-cupcake: Went to comic shop for W:tWS reboot and now people (I ...think. Some are aliens.) all think we're cosplaying as Bitterwoman and Bittergirl
@f-cupcake: Keep asking for autographs and trying to grab my...costume.
@f-cupcake: OH WTF K STUCK MOUSETRAP ON MY BUTT. #chewieisaweirdo
@f-cupcake: .....CAUGHT 4 HANDS SO FAR. 3 FROM SAME GUY. #portalocityfail #portalocityfail #portalocityfail

@f-cupcake: )

@f-cupcake: PS anybody heard from @magicmanservant and A? Can't get texts thru but dunno if it's #realityfail or just Camelot.



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