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Posted by: Dr Hannibal Lecter
Subject:     Seeking Assistance

In discussing our upcoming wedding, my partner and I have discovered one aspect in which we are regrettably lacking - an officiant. While we could naturally hire one from the mainland, given the nature of many of those attending, we feel someone more used to the island would be a better fit.

If there are any reading this who are capable of leading the ceremony and willing to do so, please let us know, either here or by e-mail or phone.
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Look, Emma had ALL DAY before she had to teach. And when a girl got up already looking this good, well, selfies should always be posted to social media.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond (@FrostyLady): I woke up like this #SummerFun #FandomHotness #GoodtobeQueen

[OOC: Open post, inspired by JStam's own Twitter account today.]
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It was a Tuesday for Emma, although since her timeline was still moving slightly faster than Fandom, it was October for her instead of July. Which meant she was in class, and she was bored because yes, she already knew about the ramifications of different types of mergers. Unlike some people in her class, she studied. And read the teacher's mind, but details.

So she was going to play on Twitter under her desk. Like a mature adult.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond (@FrostyLady): Starting to wonder if @kisskiss has been importing foods into my Territory without telling me #FH #NYCbitches #stepoffgirlfriend

[OOC: Open post, amuse me while I job search?]
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All Emma had wanted was to catch a portal to Fandom and make other people feed her for the weekend so that she wouldn't have to live off ramen and Easy Mac. Not that hard!

Eight transfers and three days later, she was somewhere in Mexico with no local currency and two more hours until her next transfer, which should theoretically take her to Fandom. Luckily, the nice (and hot) guitar player was buying her drinks - which was going a long way towards keeping her from freaking out horribly - but Emma was willing to bet her next three tequila shots that it wasn't going to happen that way.

@FrostyLady: Stuck in bumblefuck Mexico, which is somehow still better than my last layover. Is it still Thanksgiving anywhere? #portalocityfail

[OOC: Open to alllllllll!]
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After the email was distributed to their millions of customers, the public relations office fired off a helpful tweet to let those who followed them on Twitter know:

Portalocity: Check out our new holiday deals!!

More exclamation points meant you were sincere, right?

[OOC: Open to, nay, encouraging, the kind of Twitter flame wars we see when LJ is being similarly ingenius at public relations.]



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